About Us

Akkar Aluminum has been serving the construction sector for 25 years in aluminum joinery, aluminum dressing façade, composite panel coating and Fotoselli Sliding Door, which has been serving in business subjects.
In parallel with the development of construction technologies and its spread in all areas of life, he works with experienced personnel with expert staff and field experience. Within the framework of the purpose set by our company, we offer our products and services to our customers by making them even higher quality. Our company continues its services with an understanding that will keep product quality and customer satisfaction at the maximum level.
Orçun AKYÜZ, who graduated successfully from Kirikkale University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering in 1999, has served as construction site chief in various construction companies and has been a family company since 2004 at AKKAR Aluminum company. he continues his working career as a company manager and started private and official contracting works by establishing Akyüz Construction Project company in 2010. Orçun AKYÜZ, which is the largest shareholder of AkkarAluminum, continues both the company's business and its commitment stake. 




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Çamlıtepe Street No:53/3 Siteler Altındağ / ANKARA / TURKEY
+90 (312) 348 05 25
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